Our Story

Microbs™ (M) Sdn. Bhd. was founded in 2013 by brothers John-Ian and John-Hans Oei. With John-Ian’s experience in the oil & gas and real estate industries and John-Hans’ portfolio in the hospitality industry, the brothers encountered similar problems in waste management for commercial buildings.

As a Leasing Manager, John-Ian noticed a huge problem with the maintenance of commercial and residential buildings, especially with grease traps and septic tanks which violated build requirements. This resulted in the ill management of waste and the resulting odour discomfort and health hazards for residents and business owners. Additionally, John-Ian observed that commercial buildings were frequently fined by the Department of Environment, paying a costly price both financially and environmentally.

Meanwhile, John-Hans noted similar problems in the hotel and restaurant industries as Hotel Manager. Restaurant grease traps were unhygienic and not properly treated while odour problems in non-regularly occupied hotel rooms were a constant issue as hotels saw seasonal traffic. Moreover, odours from various activities such as smoking, food, and toilet usage were difficult to eliminate. John-Hans found the traditional methods of waste and odour management via external sludge extractors and antiseptic sprays to be temporary and costly. Moreover, they were also harmful to the environment. These experiences drove the brothers in search of a waste management solution that is both cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Since its establishment, Microbs™ has successfully developed total waste management solutions for a vast range of industries like commercial development, hotels & resorts, meat & poultry processing plants, animal farms, factories, and more. The company has also formed a notable partnership with one of the Malaysia’s leading integrated infrastructure conglomerates, servicing their commercial buildings for organic waste management.

Furthermore, the company successfully continues to propagate an eco-conscious, effective, and cost efficient waste management solution in Malaysia.

Founders – brothers John-Ian & John-Hans

“John-Hans & I strive to constantly provide not only a green solution but an economical, responsible & comprehensive service in our industry, a safe answer to waste management.“  –  John- Ian Oei, CEO

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