Odour Control

Common Odour Problems

Commercial and residential buildings with high traffic accumulate various odour types:

  1. Musk from old bedding / linen
  2.  Odour from lack of ventilation
  3.  Irregularly occupied / aired rooms
  4.  Smoking activity
  5.  Mould from humid weather
  6.  Temperature changes
  7.  Food and water stains
  8.  Paint and maintenance work

For more info details on odour problems and our Microbs™ solutions, click here.

Odour masking

Instead of masking odours like other waste management methods, Microbs™ accelerates decomposition to quickly eliminate odour sources.

Stubborn odour

Microbs™ has a pH level of 6.7 which neutralises odour.

Ineffective alternative solutions

The use of charcoal to eliminate odour is ineffective in larger spaces and triggers clogging in pipelines.

Toxic alternative solutions

Microbs™ 100% natural products do not contain harmful chemicals which might trigger allergic reactions.

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Microbs™ helps you solve waste problems while saving needless cost on hefty fines, surcharges, labour fee, and more.

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