Mission & Vision


With proprietary technology and products that are safe, simple to use, and cost efficient, Microbs™ aims to deliver effective organic waste management solutions that are environmentally conscious. Via total solution services, the Microbs™ team looks to educate various industries on the need for a solution that is not only kind to the environment, but also sustainable for long term usage.

We have set for ourselves the highest standards in service, quality, and knowledge. Our core values revolve around:

image002 The Customer – We are committed to educate, value-add, and support our customers with integrity, efficacy, efficiency, and transparency.
image002 The Employee – We aim to help employees develop their skills while creating a work culture that is dynamic and innovative.
image002 The Shareholder – We strive for shareholder value by developing Microbs™ as a sustainable company.
image002 The Community – We aim to improve local communities and bring economic justice via sustainable employment and community engagement programmes.



image002 To be the leading total solution provider for organic waste management in South East Asia.
image002 To educate business owners, residents, and general citizens on the need to convert to safe and sustainable waste management solutions.
image002 To be an agent of change in the country’s policy-making, in regards to the environment.
image002 To be a conscientious global citizen, dedicated to keeping the world habitable for future generations.

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