Microbs™ Technology

Microbs™ Technology

Microbs™ products are developed from a proprietary combination of enzymes and high-speed metabolite catalysts which break down organic waste at accelerated speeds. Developed from 15 years of research and testing, Microbs™ products are 100% natural, organic, and bio-degradable.

While the conventional methods of waste extraction negatively impact the environment, Microbs™ is an eco-conscious organic waste management solution. Aside from being eco-friendly, it is also a sustainable and cost effective. Using Microbs™, business owners avoid hefty fines from untreated waste and poor hygiene standards.

How Microbs™ Work

image002 Microbs™ powder products are added to water, then applied to treatment areas.

image002 The bacteria activates and multiplies in water, producing more enzymes which degrade organic waste into the bi-products of water and carbon dioxide.

image002 The enzymes further break down the water bi-product until it is safe to be released to the environment.

image002 Microbs™ technology capitalises on an enhanced enzyme growth rate, multiplying and further accelerating the speed of waste management.

image002 Human and animal waste; and other components like grease, oils, fats, proteins, and starches are broken down and eliminated.

image002 Odour is eliminated along with waste, reducing the presence of pests which carry diseases. This improves commercial viability for hotels, factories, residential areas, and more.

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