Livestock Farms

Common Livestock Farm Problems

Livestock farming produces large amounts of manure. Microbs™ manages this and the accompanying odour and problems at an accelerated rate.

For more info details on livestock farm problems and our Microbs™ solutions, click here.

High Levels of BOD, COD, and TSS

BOD (biochemical oxygen demand), COD (chemical oxygen demand), and TSS (total suspended solids) are broken down by the bacteria and enzymes which use these components as food source.

Foul odours & complain from surrounding neighbours

Instead of masking odours like other waste management methods, Microbs™ accelerates decomposition to quickly eliminate odour sources.

Costly maintenance labour hires

Microbs™ substitutes manual sludge cleaning to reduce labour cost of external contractors.

Pest infestation & disease risks

Microbs™ eliminates odour sources, reducing the infestation of flies and viruses like E. coli.

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Microbs™ helps you solve waste problems while saving needless cost on hefty fines, surcharges, labour fee, and more.

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