Commercial & Residential

Common Commercial & Residential Problems

Commercial and residential buildings generate ample organic waste with their high traffic and usage. This commonly causes problems at the following areas.

  1. Grease Trap
  2. Septic Tank
  3. Sewage Tank
  4. Discharge Tank

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FOG and solidified waste

FOG (fats, oil, and grease) is broken down by the bacteria and enzymes of Microbs™ which use these components as food source. Additionally, fatty acid bi-products are digested.

Foul odours

Instead of masking odours like other waste management methods, Microbs™ accelerates decomposition to quickly eliminate odour sources.

Costly pump & equipment repairs

Microbs™ eliminates grease cakes which clog up and damage pumps which are costly to repair.

Costly maintenance labour hires

Microbs™ substitutes manual sludge cleaning to reduce labour cost of external contractors.

Pest infestation & disease risks

Semi solid and greasy organic substances ideal for cockroach habitat are broken down at accelerated rates, preventing infestation. Rat and fly infestations are also prevented with the elimination of odour sources

High Levels of BOD and TSS

BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) and TSS (total suspended solids) are broken down by the bacteria and enzymes which use these components as food source.

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Microbs™ helps you solve waste problems while saving needless cost on hefty fines, surcharges, labour fee, and more.

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