About Us

About Us

Microbs™ (M) Sdn. Bhd. is a total solution provider for eco-friendly and economical organic waste management. Using proprietary technology, our products are 100% natural & organic, breaking down waste into water and carbon dioxide at accelerated rates. This effectively and economically manages organic waste which causes odour emission, hygiene concerns, and health hazards. The results are increased commercial viability, cost efficiency, and comfort for hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, processing plants, and more.

Doing away with costly conventional methods of waste extraction which negatively impact the environment, Microbs™ is an eco-conscious organic waste solution. The revolutionary product is coupled with our total solution services including site visit, product training, monitoring, and reporting.

Microbs™ specialises in waste management and resource restoration for the following areas:

image002 Agriculture and land remediation
image002 Aquaculture and husbandry management
image002 Environmental waste management
image002 Industrial processing, hospitality, and servicing waste management
image002 Commercial and mixed development waste management
image002 Odour and pollution emission

We aim to be the leading provider for environmental, agricultural, and aquacultural total waste solution within South East Asia.

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